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NEW REPORT: Survey & Analysis of REDD+ Project Activities in Cambodia

NEW REPORT: Survey & Analysis of REDD+ Project Activities in Cambodia
01 October 2013

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This report assesses methodological approaches and institutional arrangements used in REDD+ field activities in Cambodia and evaluates commonalities and divergences to provide information on how these activities can be integrated into a national-level REDD+ accounting framework. Different sections cover Baselines; Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV); Benefit Distribution Systems; Non-Permanence Risk, Leakage, and Uncertainty; and Social and Environmental Safeguards. 

In the synthesis sections divergences between projects are discussed and recommendations are made as to how these could be addressed in integrating projects into a national-level UNFCCC compliant REDD+ system.

LEAF is leading a regional series aimed at sharing lessons on sub-national and national REDD+ implementation between LEAF countries.  The first workshop in this series was held in Lao; access the report from this workshop here.

This work is part of LEAF’s broader capacity building efforts across the region.  Access the related Decision Support Tool here, which provides overall guidance on establishing national-level REDD+ accounting frameworks within which project or subnational approaches are integrated.