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USAID Supports Gender Integration in Forestry and Climate Change Efforts in Laos

Lao gender champions develop strategies for integrating gender into their forestry and climate change programs.
09 September 2015

As part of USAID’s Lowering Emissions in Asia’s Forests Asia-Pacific Leadership Initiative on Gender and Climate Change, 40 participants came together in Vientiane this week for a Gender Integration in Forestry and Climate Change workshop to apply innovative gender analysis and train-the-trainer tools. USAID LEAF has been supporting gender champions in six countries across the Asia-Pacific for the past two years to develop their leadership skills and technical expertise in integrating gender into forestry and climate change initiatives. This week’s workshop was an opportunity for the Lao leaders to apply the skills they have learned, and demonstrate the benefits of effective gender planning to their respective organizations. The gender champions led the training and facilitated group discussions with representatives from the Lao Department of Forestry, the Department of Forest Resource Management, the Commission for Advancement of Women and the Lao Women's Union. Ms. Anastasia Kolivas of the US Embassy Laos said, “Many gender champions are now taking the lead to implement needs-based solutions on gender integration. This training is a good example of how you can take the lead in framing the needs you have.”