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Gender Champions Develop Gender-Inclusive Climate Solutions in Laos

Gender Champions Develop Gender-Inclusive Climate Solutions in Laos

29 September 2015

USAID LEAF’s Asia-Pacific Leadership Initiative on Gender and Climate Change initiative has strengthened the leadership skills of 24 gender champions from six countries to integrate gender issues in forestry and climate change. Gender champions have learned valuable skills from the leadership initiative, and now have the skills to be leaders, to train others, safeguard the rights of women and men, and ensure the principles of gender mainstreaming are realized in all climate change programming.

Recently in Laos, gender champions facilitated two regional workshops covering topics in gender mainstreaming strategies and gender integration in forestry and climate change programs. The champions adapted the materials and approach of the regional initiative to the Lao context and trained more than 60 key decision makers, managers and staff from various governmental departments and developed a results-based planning framework to systematically address gender issues in their organizations.