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Infographic: Improving Forest and Land Use Management in Laos

12 November 2015

Laos is endowed with rich natural resources including high value forests. Shifting cultivation, unplanned logging and land conversion for agriculture and other uses – coupled with rural poverty and a rapidly growing population – are resulting in the rapid loss of forest resources.

The United States Agency for International Development Lowering Emissions in Asia’s Forests (USAID LEAF) program supported the government of Laos and relevant stakeholders to develop improved forest and land management strategies that sustainably reduce greenhouse gas emissions. USAID LEAF initiatives focused on two landscapes, Nam Xam National Biodiversity Conservation Area (NBCA) in Houaphan and Sanamxay district in Attapeu, and included three key activities: Forests, Land Use Planning and Livelihoods in Houaphan; Forest Management and Livelihoods in Attapeu; and Capacity Building in both provinces. 

Learn more about USAID LEAF's work in Laos in this colorful, informative infographic.

Follow the link below for a full-page version of the infographic:

Click here to see a printable PDF version of the infographic in Lao language or here to see the full-page graphic version in Lao language.