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Infographic: Low Emission Land Use Planning in Madang

01 July 2015

Madang Province in Papua New Guinea has incredible biodiversity and is rich in commercial and recreational value, but population and economic pressures are growing. From 2000-2013, the equivalent of 40,000 rugby fields of forest have been lost, so future development must maximize social benefits and conserve biological resources. USAID LEAF is working together with the Madang Provincial Government as they develop a province-wide plan consistent with national strategies and grounded in the realities of climate change and local development challenges.

USAID LEAF is providing recommendations to the Madang Provincial Government for long-term development based on low emission land use planning, which allows Madang to promote continued growth, sustainably manage its natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn more about how USAID LEAF is helping Madang with capacity building, policy support and the planning process in this colorful, informative infographic.

Follow the link below for a full-page version of the infographic for the low emission land use planning in Madang project.