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International experience with REDD+ and national forest funds (English)

International experience with REDD+ and national forest funds (English)

12 September 2013

Vietnam is quickly advancing with REDD+ implementation and expects to be among the first Asian countries to receive results-based payments. In this context, a 2012 decision of the Prime Minister provides for establishing a REDD+ Fund under the Vietnam Forest Protection and Development Fund (VNFF) and the Vietnam Forestry Administration (VNFOREST) has directed relevant agencies to prepare a proposal for such a fund for submission to the Government for approval in 2013. 

The present paper comprises the first of several steps in which LEAF will support the government of Vietnam in establishing a REDD+ Fund. Its purpose is to draw lessons and identify lessons learned from existing experience with national or regional funds with similar purposes to the Viet Nam REDD+ Fund. This includes several nascent REDD+ or climate change-focused funds, but also other forest protection or environmental funds which already have several decades of experience from which to draw.

Access the report below.  Click here to read this report in Vietnamese.