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International experience with REDD+ and national forest funds (Lao)

International experience with REDD+ and national forest funds (Lao)

03 February 2014

As countries engaged in REDD+ move from readiness towards results-based demonstration activities and fully measured, reported and verified (MRV) results-based actions, methods will need to be developed to receive, manage and disburse payments.

To support these efforts, this paper presents a comparative analysis of the operational aspects of eight existing national and regional REDD+, climate change, and forest protection funds.  This includes several nascent REDD+ or climate change-focused funds, but also other forest protection or environmental funds which already have several decades of experience from which to draw. The funds were chosen to provide information on appropriate design and regulation for internationally financed national-level funds operating in developing countries.   The analysis outlines best practices and lessons learned while fiduciary and financial sector conditions that influence negotiations around results-based payments are also touched upon.

Access the report below.  Click here to read this report in English, and here to read it in Vietnamese.