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Partnerships and Participatory Approach

Program Highlights: Partnerships and Participatory Approach

28 December 2015

In Laos, USAID LEAF, along with implementation partner SNV, sought to establish cooperative partnerships to resolve complex land management issues with a broad range of stakeholders. The successes of USAID LEAF would not have been possible without the collaborative response and participatory approach of the project. One of the essential lessons learned from the project was the importance of working with local government counterparts and village participation in ensuring sustainable interventions.

From the outset, USAID LEAF sought to involve government institutions in project implementation, not just to ensure positive relationships, but also to build a sense of ownership over the project and develop capacity so that the project approaches could be sustained beyond 2015. Government bodies were involved as key implementers, resulting in local buy-in and ownership and leading to promising outcomes in terms of project continuation.