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Piloting Community-Based Forest Management in Vietnam

Program Highlights: Piloting Community-Based Forest Management in Vietnam

30 December 2015

Vietnam has set up Protection Forest Management Boards (PFMB) to protect forest areas. The PFMBs may delegate some of their monitoring and protection tasks to local households, who in exchange receive a small payment and the right to harvest non-timber forest products. However, there is a lack of clear guidance and proven models on how communities and government can work together effectively, often leading to suboptimal outcomes.

USAID LEAF collaborated with the Nghe An provincial government to develop a set of guidelines for sustainable community-based forest management (CBFM). Two pilot models have been implemented which demonstrate enhanced forest protection and bring greater benefits to local people. Local forest-dependent people can play an important role in the sustainable management of forest resources, as they possess valuable knowledge on traditional forest management and use, which can help PFMBs carry out forest protection and development plans more effectively. Additionally, including local communities in forest management schemes and establishing clear and secure rights and responsibilities can contribute to a more equitable distribution of the benefits that forests provide.