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Provincial REDD+ Action Plan in Lam Dong

Program Highlights: Provincial REDD+ Action Plan in Lam Dong

23 December 2015

Lam Dong province in Vietnam is known for its high forest cover and rich biodiversity. Over the past two decades, agricultural expansion, logging and infrastructure development have led to significant reductions in forest areas. In an effort to shift economic development onto a lower emissions pathway, the Lam Dong provincial government developed a Provincial REDD+ Action Plan (PRAP), which outlines the province's long term strategy to achieve meaningful emission reductions through sustainable land use planning and climate change action.

This major milestone is the result of a three-year collaborative planning and capacity building process led by USAID LEAF, and will support the overall implementation of Vietnam’s National REDD+ Action Plan. The PRAP is an integrated low emission development plan for Lam Dong, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the forestry sector by 27% by 2020 and providing a roadmap on how to achieve this. The plan also enhances biodiversity conservation, contributes to the successful implementation of the National REDD+ Action Program, responds to climate change, enhances local livelihoods, and contributes to the sustainable development of Lam Dong’s forests.