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Village Livelihood Development in Attapeu

Program Highlights: Village Livelihood Development in Attapeu

22 December 2015
Biodiversity in Attapeu province in Laos is under threat. Land clearing for agriculture, infrastructure development, and unsustained timber extraction is leading to deforestation and degradation of forest resources. USAID LEAF, with implementing partner SNV, sought to ease some of these pressures on forest areas by strengthening the management and resilience of the area’s stakeholders. USAID LEAF targeted local farmers and communities as the main beneficiaries to improve livelihoods and forest management.
In Attapeu province, over 200 households elected to explore coffee processing and 450 households elected to improve forest management to strengthen their livelihood options and outcomes. To protect new plantings and regenerate forest areas, as well as better manage remaining forests, villagers completed a Community Forest Management training program to strengthen their understanding and knowledge on forest conservation guidelines and national regulations. This activity encouraged villagers to truly become stewards of the land, so that their natural resources will continue to provide income and ecosystem services for future generations.