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Road to REDDiness 2012 Workshop Report

Road to REDDiness 2012 Workshop Report

12 November 2012

Each year, LEAF holds a regional "Road to REDDiness" workshop to bring together representatives from each of its six core countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Vietnam, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea) to strengthen regional coordination by addressing a priority issue related to REDD+.  The 2012 workshop focused on building capacity to assess drivers of deforestation and degradation in a way that can inform land-use planning decisions and strategically target REDD+ interventions in areas of most significant threat.

Over two days in Vientiane, Lao PDR, over 80 government counterparts, practitioners, regulators and forest managers developed a better understanding of the decisions and steps needed to develop reference levels (RLs) from subnational to national scales.  They were exposed to tools that can help decision-makers establish their RLs and to the uses and value of spatial data sets and spatial analyses to integrate climate change mitigation goals and REDD+ strategies into existing land use planning systems.  Regional and country-specific examples were provided on how to use spatial data analyses in addressing drivers and threats under a REDD+ framework and how these can be used to create business-as-usual (BAU) RLs, strategically prioritize REDD+ opportunities, and to assess the impact of different development scenarios on emissions and removals of greenhouse gases (GHGs).  Participants also began developing action plans for progressing towards regional cooperation on RL establishment and REDD+ implementation.