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USAID LEAF and SFC Leading the Way on Sustainable Forest Management

USAID LEAF and State Forest Company Lead the Way on Sustainable Forest Management

03 December 2015

In a highly participatory process, USAID LEAF worked closely with the Don Duong state forest company in Lam Dong province to develop one of the first sustainable forest management plans in Vietnam.

A key step in the process was to access satellite imagery and use remote sensing to generate an updated forest cover map for the area. USAID LEAF worked with Don Duong technicians to develop a base map, and provided a series of geographic information systems trainings to ensure that the technicians could update and analyze the map to help make strategic decisions based on the entire landscape.  As part of this mapping process, the team prioritized certain areas as High Conservation Value Forests to be protected from logging, including those that are near critical watersheds, high biodiversity areas or areas that are critical for the livelihoods of rural communities.

The sustainable forest management planning process for Don Duong is now serving as a model for other state forest companies in Vietnam who are striving to elevate their businesses to reach international standards of sustainable forest management.